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Get your dabbers ready for a fun filled night in the cafeteria -- IT’S BINGO NIGHT!


ADMISSION: FREE (for Ledbury Park Students & Family)

TIME: 5:30pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Ledbury Park Cafeteria



  • $5.00 per pack per person (we will be playing 5 games total and must be on the correct game card to win)

  • Pack of 5 is for one player only

  • Packs will be numbered 1-5 for each game. (To win you must be on the correct numbered board) 

  • Bingo chips will be provided to use at event but feel free to bring your own bingo Dabbers to use if you wish

PRIZES Will be awarded to the WINNERS!


PRE-ORDER FOOD: (visit the website for purchases)

  • Pizza slices (cheese or pep) - 2 slices for $5.00

  • Water Bottles - $1.00 each

(Some extra pizza and water for sale at the event but only while supplies last.  It is recommended to pre-order to guarantee you will eat)


Deadline for Pre-Orders:  Tuesday March 26th at MIDNIGHT.





The Grade 8s will also be selling goodies at the event. Bring all your spare change and help them raise funds for their end of year trip!

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